The National Institute of Rehabilitation (INR), is a unique Institution in its sort in Mexico and Latin America, whose mission is to lower the incidence of the incapacity which they generate in an important proportion, the services of medical attention which they reduce the lethality at the expense of leaving disabling sequels.

The National Institute of Rehabilitation is not a new hospital, is an Institution of transformation and change.

Transformation, the medical attention, through the scientific research, will offer effective models of prevention, resolution (treatment) definitive, to a high percentage of disabilities.

On Change, because the National System of Health, will be fed and enriched permanently with the advances of a medicine of excellence and effectiveness in the attention of the disability, leaving back the hospital paradigm that when taking care of diseases and injuries, these generate the disability most of.

The National Institute of Rehabilitation, is the culmination of the effort, that from 1973, initiated the Secretariat of Health and Attendance and the Government of the Mexican Republic, through National Program of Rehabilitation and Special Education (CREE), to offer generally to the population (children, young, adult and third age), an Institution that assures them to obtain effective solutions, before the different disabilities that affect to the population of all the country under the motto: Before Specific Needs, Concrete Solutions.

With the sum of the human efforts, material and financial of the Medicine Institutes of Rehabilitation, Human Communication and Orthopedics, the National Institute of Rehabilitation has been placed like an innovated Institution, different by its concept from diverse, transforming medical modernity of the social and equitable reality in the distribution of the cost to the health. The National Institute of Rehabilitation in short term sets out:

  • To support the actions of social attendance that coordinates the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, with the vigorous benefit of the medicine outpost in the fight against the disability.
  • Train the medical and technical human resources of its competition.
  • To assure permanently the medical attention of excellence to the National System of Rehabilitation, through the continuous education programmed with the tele-teaching resources.
  • To make contact with the medical Institutions and national and international superior education that realizes scientific and technological research in the matter of disability, through the implantation of telemedicine.

The hope of 10 million Mexican families at present, is the National Institute of Rehabilitation, because today, it marks to a change in the medical attention of the people with disability within a modern conceptual model of fairness and social justice, thus fulfilling, with the governmental commitment that it initiates with the implementation of medical excellence to the service of the Mexican population that undergoes the damages of the disability in all the country.

Our Mission

Support to the National System of Health to impel action of prevention of the disability and to improve the attention to people with disability.

To provide services of quality for the rehabilitation of patients with diseases and disabling sequels of the locomotive apparatus, of hearing, voice, language, cardiorespiratory and of all type as well as sport injuries, with the application of the most advanced scientific knowledge and using end technology, to obtain the best results, with a high sense humanist and including the aspects integrally physical, psychological, social and occupational of each patient, with the active participation of the multidisciplinary team that includes the intervention of the family and the community.



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