To form and to enable human resources for the rehabilitation, with the best scientific and humanist participation, who can use equipment and edge technology; with an attitude of continuous overcoming; with aptitudes for teaching and capacity for the scientific research; that it can act like leaders of the social beneficial team in his specialty.

To develop scientific research that allows to the amplest and precise knowledge of the phenomena epidemiologists of the disability; of the actions to prevent it and to detect it precociously; of its physiopathological mechanisms and of which their recovery or compensation acts for; of the substitution of organs, weaves and damaged functions; of the resources of diagnosis and treatment and of the technological development for the prosthesis production, orthotic, implants and technical assistance, as well as of the aspects of the family and the community related to this problem.

Our Vision

The National Institute of Rehabilitation will be the institution leader in the field of the prevention and rehabilitation of diverse incapacities. It will comprise of the National Institutes of Health, it will be the medical institution of more prestige in his field in the country and will be located between the medical institutions more highly described and certified at national and international level. It will be the Institute where the investigation is developed, basic, clinical and technological of more high level in the matter of disability.

It will count on infrastructure and edge technology, an ample and complete computer network that will turn it into the first intelligent hospital of Latin America.
It will have a close relation with the National Institutes of Health, having complemented his actions, under coordination agreements.

Also, it will establish national and international interchange with universities, institutes, hospitals and organizations, will be advisory center of the Organization of the United Nations, of the World-wide Organization of the Health and the Pan-American Organization of the Health.

It will have highly qualified staff. Its medical personnel will be formed by certificated specialists, with subspecialty, masters or doctorate, with training abroad in Institutions of recognized prestige, and with vocation by the institutional life, education, the investigation and the academic life. The civil service of race will be implemented in the hospitable scope. This will allow to have doctors of exclusive time, which represents the dedication of all the effort to the service of the institution and the community, without turning aside its attention nor to diversify its activity. They will have like additional stimuli, entering to the National System of Investigators, the teaching of chair, the accomplishment of courses and conferences and the scientific book publication.

The paramedical personnel, also, will be highly qualified, with nurses and specialized therapists, training abroad and capacity to provide excellence attention, as well as for education and the investigation.

The administrative human resources also will have to be highly qualified and to develop activities of academic type in the field of administration of hospitals.

The National Institute of Rehabilitation, will own revenues to support the federal budget, which will be the product of the quotas set for recovery to users according to their socioeconomic level. Services will be offered to private-type costs similar to those of comparable private sector hospitals. It also will have a board of trustees for obtaining grants and additional resources. A significant source of revenue will be on services of sports medicine to professional teams.

The services of medical attention of the National Institute of Rehabilitation, will be of excellence and will be directed to problems requiring high specialization. The cases that are taken care of must have longitudinal monitoring and evaluation of results in the short, medium and long term. The most important aspect of this evaluation, will be constituted with patient satisfaction and their integration into social and productive life.

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